Scientific Astrology

Financial Astrology

Systems' Approach analytical methods evaluate the potentials for career, income, investments and other resources. Strengths and weaknesses, obstacles and timing are investigated with recommendations for remedial measures.

Relationship Analysis

Methods of compatibility in relationship such as the gunas, composite charts and synastry do not withstand an empirical investigation. Analyzing the capacity of each individual to function well in relationship is reliable and helpful. Each chart is analyzed for the strength and weakness of multiple factors required to be a healthy, successful partner. Timing for engaging in new relationships is also taken into consideration.

Medical Astrology

Astrology cannot make a precise medical diagnosis, but medicine cannot forecast the future timing of potential health difficulties when there is no current problem, or demonstrate the karmic basis of a serious chronic illness. Analysis of the primary and secondary indicators of health in a horoscope lays the basis for strengthening and prevention. For current health problems the remedial measures can help overcome karmic obstacles to the successful application and effectiveness of medical interventions. Choosing the correct timing for surgical procedures and the initiation of long term therapies helps to support an optimal outcome and reduce complications. As a professional health care practitioner utilizing the most advanced functional medicine laboratory technology I validate the biological basis of the chart indicators.


Astro Tables



Scientific Astrological Services

The astrological consultation based on the methods of Systems' Approach developed by Prof V.K. Choudhry is the introduction to learning how to use this predictive science for your benefit. Consultations range in length and detail according to your needs and interest. Comprehensive consultations include a delineation of strengths and weaknesses, analysis of indicators for your core interests, and prescription with explanation of the most important remedial measures to apply; and recorded for you as mp3 audio files. Follow-up consultations can focus on current events or forecast trends. This is akin to having weather and nautical data before embarking on a cruise.

Additional Tools

Muhurtha--Electional Astrology

The environmental influences at the 'birth' of an important endeavor have a significant and tangible impact on the outcome of the project or activity. Success is supported and obstacles diminished when an auspicious time is selected to start a business, open a conference or meeting, or embark on a journey. It is especially important to plan weddings and electional surgeries correctly.

Prasna--Answers to Questions

Some questions are best answered by analyzing the indications in a chart calculated for the time and place in which you are naturally inspired to pose a question to the astrologer. Outcome predictions and remedial interventions are indicated for prasna as well as birth horoscopes. More...

Looking Ahead

What's coming up in the next few months? Are there difficult periods for which extra remedial measures would be of great assistance? When will smoother sailing allow more progress in specific directions? When is it wise to take extra caution, and when may more risks be appropriate?



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