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By plucking the string of a violin, the same string on another violin in proximity will vibrate. There are resonance relationships between the planets, colors, gemstones, digital sequences, and other phenomena. These can be utilized to support success and reduce vulnerability.


Each planet is resonant with specific frequencies of the color spectrum. This is exploited by using colors in our clothing, furnishings and surroundings in such a way that the desired color frequency stimulates the retina. This information not only stimulates the optical centers in the occipital cortex of the brain, but the frequency is transmitted through the living matrix connective tissue system to the whole body.

Gemstone Qualities

Quality and size determine the potency of gemstones for astrological remedial purposes. Color includes tone and modifying shades. Clarity takes into consideration the presence of flaws or blemishes. Cutting maximizes brilliance, dispersion and color. There is also the intangible quality of 'feel', the 'life' quality of the gem which should be sattvic and 'sweet'. According to Prof Choudhry's research, other factors being equal the gemstone potency is increased going up to 4.7 carats in size, except for diamond for which 1 carat is sufficient.

Installing Gems & Kavach

A gem or kavach must be 'installed' at an auspicious time (muhurtha) to maximize its beneficial effects. This is the 'birth time' for the application of the gem or kavach as a remedy.

Wearing Gems & Kavach

Gemstones can be worn as rings or set in pendants, and must always be set with an open back so the gem is exposed to the body's warmth. There is a traditional correlation between gems in rings and fingers:

  • Ruby on the left ring finger.
  • Pearl on the left little finger.
  • Emerald on the right little finger.
  • Diamond on the right ring finger.
  • Red coral on the right or left ring finger.
  • Yellow sapphire on the right index finger.
  • Blue sapphire on the left middle finger.

Pendants can be worn anywhere.




Kavach or Mystic Pendant

Designed according to ancient resonance technology with production overseen in India by Professor V.K. Choudhry, each Kavach is inscribed with the series of numbers that is resonant with the benefic planets according to the individual's natal ascendant. It strengthens weak benefics in a manner similar to the gemstones and colors. This affordable remedy is highly recommended to all.


Kavach, designed and tested by astrology master and author V.K. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India. He is the researcher and developer of the Systems' Approach system of Vedic Astrology.

The kavach is a 'tried and true' remedial method. It can be worn on a silver or gold chain, or thread of appropriate color. Although most people wear it suspended from the neck, it can also be worn around the waist, ankle or wrist if desired. Additionally, gemstones set in pendants can be conviently worn attached to the kavach if desired. If you live in the US and wish to order a kavach, use this kavach order form with instructions to contact the domestic distributor.

Strengthening Weakness

Strengthening is done for planets that are functional benefics only (never Rahu and Ketu). Amplifying the resonance of functional malefics for your ascendant is harmful and causes unnecessary problems. Apply the strengthening remedies designated below only when that planet is a functional benefic for your ascendant.

Strengthening Remedies


Sun related dynamics are strengthened by the colors orange, pink and gold. The gemstone for sun is ruby. Sun booster



The colors for the Moon are white and silver. Pearl is the strengthening gemstone. A pearl can be indicated for certain types of metabolic, digestive and glandular conditions, but this is subject to individual analysis. Moon booster


Mercury is strengthened by the color emerald green. Emerald is the gemstone to use. This is often important for neurological, neuroimmune and neuroendocrine disorders. Mercury booster


Colors for Venus are royal blue and blue hued turquoise, but Venus is also strengthened by brightly colored variegated patterns, such as prints with vivid saturated colors. Diamond is the primary gemstone for Venus. Venus booster

MarsRed Coral

Fire red (not surprisingly) is resonant with Mars. Red coral is the Mars gemstone, less costly than the other colored gemstones but effective for its purpose. Mars booster

JupiterYellow Sapphire

Yellow is resonant with the rich noble properties reflected by Jupiter. Yellow sapphire strengthens Jupiter qualities and functions. Jupiter booster

SaturnBlue Sapphire

Saturn properties are amplified by lustrous black and the colors indigo blue, navy blue, and rich dark brown. If Saturn is weak or afflicted by a functional malific it is strengthened by blue sapphire. Saturn booster


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