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Rahu & Ketu, the Lunar Nodes

The nodes of the Moon are the points where its orbit crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun against the background stars). Eclipses only occur near these points, solar eclipses when the passage of the Moon through a node coincides with the new moon, lunar eclipses when it is a full moon. Rahu and Ketu are functional malefics in every horoscope.

eclipsed earth

Shadow of lunar eclipse. All astronomical images courtesy of NASA.


The Universal Remedy

Any action done in support of one's parents (or parents-in-law) is a panacea that helps to strengthen any weakness and ameliorate any affliction. This can be made more effective, profound and vast in the following way. The person who recognizes that we are embedded in the matrix of all sentient beings can perceive that they are connected to us like our present parents. Consider that they all, just like us, want to have happiness and not have suffering. But due to not recognizing the cause and effect relationship of their actions with the experiential results, they endlessly endure an innumerable variety of sufferings. What a pity! If only they could all, without a single exception, experience only happiness and its causes, and never again experience suffering and its causes, how wonderful that would be! 'Put yourself in the shoes' of the object of your charitable endeavor and, letting that naturally stir your innate compassion, think this way from the bottom of your heart as you offer service or donations.

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The result of any action performed with that motivation, even the simplest helpful gesture, is more than a remedy for any weakness or affliction expressed in the natal chart and a cause for short term well being. It also contributes to the long term permanent solution of dissolving the grip of ego, the delusion of 'self' that is the very framework of operation for the entire karmic process of actions ripening as suffering for the individual. The total collapse of that delusion is the inconceivable state of changeless joy and wisdom.

Tashi Ding Chortens

Daily Practice of the Remedies

Remedial actions for karmic afflictions signified by the functional malefics are good to do at any time, but for serious, long-lasting, or constitutional afflictions it is desirable to do something, even if it is very brief, on a daily basis.

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Relieving Karmic Afflictions

Present difficulties are the ripened effect of past negative actions, and are reflected in the horoscope by afflictions of functional malefic planets. The timing for the unfolding of these potentials is indicated by the planetary periods and transits. Charitable actions and spiritual practices are the best remedies to ameliorate the effects of past negative actions. If a planet is printed in red in your chart it is a malefic for your ascendant. You should avoid using the colors, gemstones and other strengthening factors associated with your malefic planets.

Remedies for the Functional Malefic Planets


Rahu (Ascending Node) is a functional malefic in every horoscope. Karmic hardships signified by Rahu afflictions are ameliorated by charitable service to the elderly stricken by poverty, or people suffering from disfiguring diseases (traditionally lepers); and service to one's parents or in-laws. Offering kindness in the form of food to crows is another traditional remedy. Dull gray color and the semi-precious stone hessonite are to be avoided.


Ketu (Descending Node) is also a functional malefic for every ascendant. The primary remedial measure for karmic afflictions signified by Ketu is to offer charity and/or services to individuals or institutions that are authentically and positively fulfilling the spiritual needs of others. Feeding and showing kindness to stray dogs is another traditional remedy. Dull smoky brown and the cat's eye semi-precious stone are Ketu amplifying and should be avoided.

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When the Sun is a functional malefic the karmic afflictions signalled by it are ameliorated and problems avoided by service to one's father or husband and careful observance of the law of the land. Offering food to cows is also traditional. Strengthening remedies for the Sun should not be indulged in when the Sun is a malefic for your ascendant. Avoid the colors orange, pink and gold; and rubies.


Moon-related afflictions are helped by service to one's mother or wife, and charity to elderly needy women. Careful adherence to the law of the land and offering food to cows also apply to for the Moon. Avoid the colors white and silver, and pearls.


Karmic hardships signified by Mercury afflictions are ameliorated by rendering help to poor young students and to organizations working for the benefit of poor or orphaned children. Offering green fodder to cows was also traditional in India. Avoid the colors emerald green and emerald gemstones.


Venus related afflictions are alleviated by rendering help to females in distress and keeping one's wife happy. Donating silken clothes of bright colors; food essentials; and white colored sweets to the birds are also traditional remedies. Do not wear diamonds, and avoid saturating yourself with the colors royal blue, turquoise and brightly colored variegated patterns.


Mars afflictions are alleviated by helping younger siblings and servants (or those in servile positions). When Mars is a functional malefic the person should practice prayer, meditation or calm contemplation each morning for ten minutes or more, and be careful to exercise patience. Avoid the use of fiery red colors and red coral.


Karmic difficulties signified by Jupiter afflictions are helped by rendering service to one's preceptor: guru, lama, priest, teacher; performing morning prayers; and donating for the construction of spiritual buildings such as temples, stupas and the like. Offering yellow colored sweets to beggars or crows was also traditional in ancient India. Avoid saturating yourself with yellow color and the wearing of yellow sapphires.


Saturn afflictions are helped especially by service and charity for the poor, and people working as servants or in servile positions. Charity to organizations serving elderly needy persons also benefits. Avoid the colors black, navy blue and the use of blue sapphires.

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