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Buddhist Protection Amulets

Every protection amulet (Tibetan Srungwa) is made by an elaborate traditional process as described in Tantras, Termas (hidden treasure teachings), or the writings of great Lamas (Gurus). Inside, according to the instructions for each amulet, are meticulously prined mantras and/or sacred drawings sometimes with rare or special substances...continue


Ten Positive & Negative Actions

The natural law of cause and effect (karma-Sanskrit, Las-rGyu-dBras-Tibetan) means that we experience the result of whatever we think, say and do. See the list of actions here.

Jigmed Tenpa'i Nyima

The Third Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, Jigmed Tenpa'i Nyima

The Supreme Remedy

This is the ultimate remedial measure. Make a firm commitment to yourself and all divine sources of wisdom that you will sincerely do your best to forsake every negative action, even the slightest, that harms others. Regardless of the occasion or circumstance, whether the action is one of thought, word or deed, promise that from now on you will do only what benefits others and never act upon impuses to harm. Continue...

Turning Happiness & Suffering Into The Path

Instructions On Turning Happiness And Suffering Into The Path Of Enlightenment is a distilled elixir of practical advice written by the third Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, Jigmed Tenpa'i Nyima (1865-1926), a renowned spiritual master and scholar of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Its wisdom is indispensable for living a happy life, and universally applicable to all regardless of spiritual inclination. Read the text...

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