Scientific Astrology

Your Planetary 'Genetics'

Planets don't act upon us as external entities, doing something to us from 'out there'. Rather they are signifiers, indicators that reflect functions that are intrinsic to us. As a mathematical expression of the stream of cause and effect that flows from our previous actions, the natal horoscope shows the potentials at the time of our birth. Planetary cycles and transits (current positions of the planets) indicate how the potentials unfold over time.But just like the expression of our genetic potential is strongly, even decisively influenced by epigenetic factors, the potential encoded in the horoscope is modifiable by actions subsequent to birth.

Specific Remedial Interventions

There are specific remedies according to the indications for weakness or affliction. Like adding cool water into boiling water, or white paint into black paint, they alter the mix of causal factors to change the outcome.

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Astro-Karmic Remedies

While Systems' Approach establishes a scientific paradigm of reproducibility for predictive astrology, the intent of the astrologer is to help and protect . Astrological remedial measures intervene to shift the balance of causal factors to a more positive outcome. There are three categories of remedies.

Three Categories of Remedial Methods


When functional benefic planets are weak the faculties and functions signified by them are deficient in fruitional power. For example, if the indicators for career or income are weak, success will be more difficult or earnings impaired. Their strength can be amplified through the application of various resonance related phenomena.


Karmic difficulties, obstacles, accidents, disease and hardships are signified by the functional malefic planets for each natal ascendant. Their influence must not be amplified. Instead, the main remedial measures for karmic afflictions are specific charitable actions whose results ameliorate the difficulties.


Sometimes an extra boost is needed. Ritual performances (zhabten in Tibetan) are a sophisticated and time-tested technology for 'healing at a distance'. A large repertory of rituals can be performed by the expert monks at Deorali Chorten Gonpa, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Gangtok, Sikkim.


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