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What do I need for a consultation?

The astrological calculations require your date, time and place of birth. An accurate reading depends on this data being correct. Even minutes can make a significant difference. Memory has not proven to be a reliable source of birth time. Although birth certificates do not have a guarantee of accuracy, they are always the best starting point. If you don't currently have it, please endeavor to obtain your birth certificate complete with time of birth from the relevant archive. Many times people have thought it wouldn't be available and have been surprised when their persistence was rewarded.

What if there is definitely no documented birth time?

Then we have to do additional work and rectify your time of birth. You will provide a list of 7-10 milestone dates, life events that were meaningful or important, accurate to at least the year. These events can be positive or negative and concern health, relations, employment, anything that was a meaningful experience or turning point. Beginning with the best guess for the time window, the process of rectification involves comparing possible charts. The correct time is the one that synchronizes with the chronology of your life.


Guru Rinpoche

Karma, Causes and Results

For a discussion of the natural law of karma, see the Translator's Introduction to The Fourth Kyabje Dodrup Chen Rinpoche's text The Collection Of Teachings On The Causes And Results Of Good And Bad Actions (full text available from Deorali Chorten Gonpa).


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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the chart show my unchanging fate or destiny?

No. It is a calculation of the causal potentials from previous actions that are present at the time of your birth. Just like your genetics, it is modifiable by your present actions.

What can be done to improve things when there is a difficult 'forecast' to weather?

That is the purpose of the remedial measures, without which the practice of astrology would be largely without benefit.

Can you tell the time of death?

It is not ethical for astrologers to do so. Moreover, nothing is 'fixed in stone' due to the plastic nature of the causal stream and access to remedial measures. However, the periods of time during which there is a more acute hazard to life and health requiring more urgent application of remedial measures are important to identify.

Are there better and worse times for things like surgery or moving?

Indeed, and this is an important, valuable and unique benefit of a dependable system of astrology.

Why are my planets in different signs than in my western horoscope?

Western tropical astrology labels the first thirty degrees of the ecliptic (the path the Sun travels through the sky) from the Sun's position at the spring equinox as the sign 'Aries'. However, this has not corresponded with the actual Aries for about two thousand years due to the wobble of the earth's axis. Eastern sidereal astrology (Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, dKar-rTsis) uses more complete calculations that compensate for this shift. The sign location of the your planets in sidereal astrology is the true sign with its indications since time immemorial.

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