Scientific Astrology

Remote Consultations

Consultations at a distance are enhanced by the use of Adobe Connect. After signing in to the virtual meeting room with the link you will be provided, Dr. Miller's computer screen and a live video will appear in your browser. This makes it easy to make the connection between the chart and your life experience. Addtionally, the consultation will be recorded and e-mailed as an mp3 file for future reference.

Jonathan Webcam

Contact & Appointments

Dr. Miller conducts local and remote consultations from Lapis Light Natural Health in Sausalito, California. You may telephone 415.331.5274 or e-mail to request an appointment and inquire about consultation fees.

Please see What do I need for the consultation? on the FAQS page. Appointment times vary in length depending on your needs and whether or not this is your first experience.



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